The Simple Guide to Sports Workout Nutrition

For a maximum workout output and getting the most result out of the workout, it demands complete nutrition, and the simple nutritional guideline below will help you make the correct food choices to refuel your body.

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Your body needs recovery window time. That means, with cardio and after 30 minutes of rest, the body is totally ready to refuel the energy cells — liver glycogen and the muscle. On strength training, the window time is up to 2 hours after workout. This is when the protein in the muscle starts it’s synthesis, initiating repair of muscle tissue and recovery, replacing fluids, plus assisting the body to adjust to stresses of the strength training.

In addition, strength training requires a good supply of protein for repair of the tissue. For a pre-workout meal, it should consist of 75% carbohydrate (preferably Low GI) and the rest … protein! A recent research has discovered that consuming around 10 to 20 grams of good quality protein after strength training and within 2 hours is sufficient enough to kick-start your recovery and avoid muscle loss.

With cardio, post workout you will need more carbohydrate than protein as it provides the energy to get through a hard workout. For a pre workout meal, allow up to an hour before you start the cardio. Also consider adding protein and fiber to the meal.

For post workout meals and foods for circuit training, refer to the summary below!

For maximum fitness result, you must make sure you fuel up before and after a workout. An effective workout can only happen when your form and technique are both correct, and have complete proper nutrition to fuel the body. Below is a simple summary and guide on how to make the right choices to fuel your body’s demand for a great workout.

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