20 Unique Life Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

We all have to agree that life hacks make our life easier. If I would be a lawyer, then my entire cases would encircle around advocating the importance of life hacks.

 It’s not just helpful but fun to binge-watch after a full day of work. But do you know what life hack stands for? Well, it’s a technique that makes your life easier by making things less complicated and convenient.

Be it that half cut lemon, which reduces the odor in for fridge, or that vinegar-soaked bread that observes the overwhelming smell from your garage, life hacks help your life get easier. Thereby, if you are looking to find some easy life hacks to make your life comfortable, then give a read to this article as we will make you go through different viable hacks that will save your time and give you the best possible results. I might sound like a lawyer of life hacks but trust me; I am not wrong!

Imagine experimenting with Ziploc plastic bag? I am sure all you know that it is used to cover your food; however, many of us can play with it by doing different cool things? Well, if you can’t, then today, you are going to learn 20 new ideas that will save time, make your life easy, and will give a moment of joy in this quarantine life because that’s what life hack is all about. If you are a doctor or a lawyer, you need it more than else since we know how over-whelming these days can get for you.

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Socks on while sleeping

If there’s any famous rivalry other than Coke and Pepsi, then it has to between the people who are sock sleepers and non-sock sleepers. The agony on the face of non-sock sleepers when they see you sleeping in a sock is unmatched. It seems that someone has stolen their sanity because what else will make them more uncomfortable than seeing people sleep with socks on. Well, today I will solve this rivalry by being the most honest lawyer who will stand for the right!

If you yearn for a good sleep where you can dream off your crush without having to turn back and forth all night, then wear your socks! Some experts suggest that sleeping with socks helps people stay warm, which amplifies the blood vessels in your life, resulting in better sleep.

Few studies suggest that with the amplified movement of blood vessels, the brain gets the signal that it’s now time to doze off, and thereby, the person tends to sleep quicker.

Few other studies have a different insight on this matter as well. It concludes that people who sleep with the socks on tends to asleep 40% faster than non-sock sleepers.

Now that we have resolved the iconic rivalry by declaring the winner and being a neutral lawyer, we will appreciate it if you accept that McDonald’s fries are still unbeatable because we know that you know this too.

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Use door knobs to save those rubber bands

In the list of things that we never find when in dire need, a rubber band must be the first. Isn’t it annoying when you have that open pack of chips while running through your messy draw to find the rubber bands?

However, these rubber bands are not only for securing; you can always use them to threaten your friend with these rubber bands because if there’s anything that hurts more than a breakup, then it has to these rubber bands attacks.

 If you are a mother of young children who does not sleep easily and ensures to annoy you till you give up, then a rubber band is what you need. Use these rubber bands around the doorknobs of the door, and then the noise of the door will be canceled. So, you can always check on them without having to worry about disturbing their sleep.

All you need to do is to place those rubber bands around the doorknobs, and then you can head on to your home on spa day without worrying about your child being locked or waking up from a nap.

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Choose the Best Avocados

There was a time when no one even knew about Avocados, but all thanks to social media where every day a celebrity credits avocado for their fitness. If that’s the case, how do I look like an avocado after eating it every day, and why I don’t have that ideal fitting?

The increase in its demands has made avocados more expensive than a full chicken, and we don’t want our avocados to go stale because, let’s face it, spending $20 on fruit is already a milestone for us.

If you have mistakenly ever purchased stale or rotten avocados, then your disappointment is understandable. However, if you go on your shopping trip and plans to buy avocados, make sure to flick the stem off the bottom, and if it turns brown, then don’t purchase it since it is rotten. However, if you see a vibrant yellowish-green color, then you got your avocados right!

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Marshmallow for sore throat

Nothing is worse than waking up with a sour throat. The feeling of not being able to enjoy our favorite food deems over our day, and all we can think of is, how to get away with this pain?

I am sure you go through the hassle of gargles, cough syrup, and use tablets in extreme cases. However, what if share a simple and effective way to calm your sore throat? I am sure you will love it. It’s nothing but treat yourself with a big bag of marshmallow on your sore throat days since it will help you recover in no time.

Yes! You heard right! Marshmallows are underestimated for their undying benefits. Studies suggest that medical specialists have used the sap from the marshmallow plant for treating sore throats.

Health officials argue that marshmallows with gelatin-coating help in soothing the sore throat. So, next time when you get a sore throat, don’t worry about the calories and have marshmallow because nothing is better than a medicine that is your favorite sweet as well.

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Lemon Water for a Good Day

Lemon is more multi-purpose than most of these expensive gadgets. Want good skin? Put a lemon in your mask. Want to burn those extra calories? Have lemon in the water in the morning. Want your food to taste good? Put a little lemon in it.

Did you see how much benefits lemons hold? Sometimes, all you need is a lemon to fix everything. If you want your mornings to be energized, then have a glass of water with freshly added drops of lemon. It will help you get active at the earliest so that you can proceed with your daily chores.

If you don’t want raw lemon, you can always go for lemon oil; however, ensure that that oil is 100% edible to avoid any medical issue. Lemon water is full of benefits, but the one that really helped people is its ability to flush the toxins from the body and help you digest those burgers you ate at the earliest.

Lemons will bring energy and freshness to your body, and you will feel less angry at your boss. I am sure you would not want anything more than that.

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Pour Salt Down Your Sink Drain to Fix Clogs

What comes to your mind when you think about salt other than salt bae? Salt has to be the king of all spices since it can make every food taste good with just a pinch. The most popular mineral is mostly associated with cooking. However, the benefits of it are more than you anticipate.

If your sink drains are clogged because of your habit of not picking your hair after combing, then stress no more! Use a cup of salt mixed with ½ cup of baking soda and pour it into the clogged drain. Pair this solution up with vinegar, and then a bubble will emerge, which will dissolve the waste in those lines, and you will have clear drains with no clogs in no time.

Other than that, your stubborn patches on your clothes can be fixed with salt, or if you are doing major house cleaning, then don’t forget to use salt as it will make your cleaning ten times easier.

Salt has endless uses, and thereby, regardless of the immense hate it gets, you can’t undo its presence.

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Yoga for Headache

Headache can make your life tough. Spending few minutes in pain feels like hours. The heavy head, feeling of nausea, irritation can ruin anyone’s day.

If you experience such a headache or migraine, then yoga is the best option! I know you must have heard a lot but yoga and its benefit but truth to be told, it is indeed the best option. You can always go for an inversion posture to relax your mind and calm your headache.

 In this fast pace world, we often forget to take care of ourselves. The importance of your wellbeing is something you should never compromise. Thereby, next time do some yoga postures that are easy to do and promises to calm you. It won’t only help you get rid of a headache, but it will also help you stretch, relive and relax.

So, take out some me-time every day and do yoga for better health because you deserve it!

Bake soda for cleaning

For the year, baking soda has helped people solving every issue. Be it their stubborn blackheads or those stubborn patches in your kitchen; there’s nothing that baking soda can’t fix!

If you are done with rats living in your house as if you are a tenant, worry no more! Baking soda can help you fight against these dirt, pesticides, and filth as well. Take a big bowl, put some baking soda with water, and there you have your life-saving solution.

Scrub your house properly, and then rinse it off with water. Trust me; you will start to feel like living in a new home that is clean and completely dirt free.

Glue for entertaining your children

Parenting can sometimes be challenging. The endure to ensure that your child is happy and entertained every time can consume a lot of your energy. I am sure there’s no day when you don’t search for “fun activities” for children. However, your children do not seem to be so fascinated.

If you are interested in entertaining your child and making sure they laugh at the activity and not at you, then here’s ‘pennies for entertainment.’

Next time your child asks you for a fun trick, then pick a glue and stick some coins to their shoes. It will create the tapping sounds, and your child will be engaged in it since it is fun to play with cash. It will help you engage your child and bring his focus since he will be constantly reminded of the coins.

Use WD40 for your bathroom faucets

We have to accept that closing the bath faucet when the water gets extremely hot is challenging. It seems as if our demon is waiting for us to increase the water temperature so that they can burn us alive.

Things worsen when closing it, a splash of hot water hits your face, and now all you need to do is pledge that you won’t need to bath again. At least, not in winters. If you look for a plumber that can fix your faucet that is stubborn than your mother, then says no more! Because WD40 is your life-saver.

Just spray WD40 in your faucets, and the hard-water will lose its place resulting in a smooth tap that works in split seconds.

Use Bread Soaked in Vinegar as A Deodorizer

apple vinegar

Suppose you are tired of an odor that does not seem to leave your house after you open the lid of your garbage box. If you believe that all those air freshness is not helping you out, we got a solution!

Next time, if your home smells like a garbage bin, then take a piece of bread (stale would work better), soak in some plain vinegar, and put it in the garbage box before deciding to throw it outside. Believe me! Your garbage will stop smelling, and you will thank us later!

Clean your shower with A Dishwasher Tablet

Bathroom cleaning can never be perfect. Regardless of scrubbing like there’s no tomorrow, there are still few patches left of those dye that you decided to apply on your hair at 3 am.

I have got a solution for you! Use your dishwasher tablet and pair it up with a sponge. With minimum scrubbing, your bathroom will shine brighter than your future, and you can take a bath in peace without puking over those dirty patches.

Sleep with a bar of soap under your sheets

I know after reading this life hack’s title, you think we have lost it! This trick is worth it! Some people suggest that keeping a soap bar underneath their bed helps them cure leg cramps. The trick got so popular that even in “the doctors,” it made its appearance.

A poll was done to ask about it, and to our surprise, 40% of people were down for the trick as it is helpful and soothing. Few suggest that keeping soap under your bed and near your feet helps your body get ions from the soap, supporting your legs and avoiding uneasiness. No official studies have claimed it; I believe if you are experiencing the pain and then the trick is worth the shot!

Cleaning with Essential Oils

Essential oils are the new critical of people. Over the past few years, it has been everywhere. Be it your makeup guru vouching for it or your yoga master recommending it; the essential oil is indeed a game-changer.

If you want to clean your house and ensure that the environment is not getting pollution with your chemically drenched solutions, then essential oil is there for your help!

Pair the oil with vinegar, baking soda, or salt, and then get onto the new cleaning horizon.

Dish soap for toilets

Every toilet cleaning advertisement promises the world. However, all we get is nothing but just two minutes of staring at your toilet seat till we realize nothing happened.

Well, if you are done with spending money on those promising toilet cleaners and need a solution, then we got you! Take 1/4 cup of dish soap + 1/4 cup of baking soda + 1/4 cup of water. Mix them, then pour them into the toilet. Stir the solution, then let it sit overnight.

Use the solution the next day and scrub your toilet lightly. Our best bet, the results will amaze you. You can always use this solution to unclog the toilet.

Use aluminum foil around your car keys

Thieves are smarter than most of our bosses. As much as we hate them for harming us, we have to agree that their skills to con are unmatched.

If you park your car away from your workplace or home, then you are giving an open invitation to the thieves who will use the extender to breakdown your car without the presence of a key.

To avoid it, you can use a couple of tricks. Firstly, wrap your keys in an aluminum sheet since it will intervene in the signal and the thieves can’t open your car. Other than that, keep your keys in the fridge as it blocks away from the signal as well.

 Also, updating your car setting will help you in saving your car.

Put ice cubes in your washing machine

Ironing is the most tiring chore. The stand-by workout we do while ensuring there is no crease left on the clothes. Well, if you want to skip the hassle of it, then here’s a quick solution. Put few ice cubes in your dryer and wait till your clothes come out crisp and crease-free.

You will thank us for these life-saving tips; however, please ensure to use small ice chunks.

Stinky sneakers no more

Everything about a good run is nice except for the smelly shoes. I believe stinky shoes have been there in society forever. Imagine going to someone’s house as a guest, and you end up making their house smelly. Embarrassing, right?

However, it’s not a problem anymore! here are small five steps that will make your sneaker look new and smell free

1. Wash your sneakers.
2. Air dry them
3. Sprinkle deodorizing power
4. Cover it with a newspaper over-night
5. Place them in a freezer
6. Get brand new smell free shoes