10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds

1. Ashera ($15000-100000):

Ashera ranks the top of this list presently. It is a hybrid cat breed with a mix of African Serval, Asian Leopard Cat and the Domestic House cat. They are very affectionate, loyal and intelligent in nature. It is also one of the rarest breeds of cat. So all these features makes it the most costly breed in the world.

2. Savannah ($1500-50000):

Savannah cat is a domestic hybrid cat breed. This is also a mix between Serval and domestic cat. This cat breed is always compared to dogs because of their characteristics. Loyalty is the main feature of this breed. In addition they are very much intelligent.

3. Bengal Cat ($1000-25000):

This one of the most beautiful looking cat breeds and are very attractive in nature. This hybrid cat breed is mainly a cross between domestic feline and an Asian leopard Cat. They usually have a very gentle nature and are very good for professional and experienced cat lovers and pet owners.

4. Allerca Hypoallergenic Cat ($6000 approx.):

The name of this cat sounds a bit different but actually they are quite similar to the usual cats. The main fact behind their name is that they are created as a result of various genetic researches. The scientist those who are behind the making of this breed have tried to disable the gene that causes most human cat allergies.

5. Persian cat ($500-5500):

Here comes the great Persian cat breed. They can also be included in the list of most popular cat breeds. They can be found all over the world and usually very gentle and affectionate in nature. They have long coats all over their body and this makes them really beautiful.

6. Peterbald ($1200-5000):

This cat breed is a result of crossing between Oriental Short Hair female world champion and Donskoy. This is a very curious, smart and energetic cat breed. There body is slim and muscular build. If you are also looking for a cat that can easily make other animal friends, then this is a good choice.

7. Russian Blue ($400-3000):

Russian blue is a very playful and energetic cat breed. In addition they are very curious and intelligent in nature. They are also well known for maintaining harmony with other pets at home and children at home. So you can easily choose this one with any hesitation.

8. Sphynx ($300-3000):

It is also one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. They are very easily distinguishable as they don’t have any hairs on their body. There are hardly any cat breeds like them. But you should know that requires a very special treatment so for that you will obviously have to an experienced pet owner.

9. Scottish Fold ($200-3000):

They have their reputation as great loving companion. Though they cost a bit high in price and that also because of their beautiful characteristics. You can usually identify them because of their peculiar ears. But before bringing this breed at your home be sure that you can provide enough time to them.

10. British Shorthair ($500-1500):

This cat breed stands in the 10th position of the list of most expensive cats. It is one of the most popular cat breeds of UK. They are also seen widely in different cat shows because they are very easy to train. If you are looking a cat for apartment living, then you can obviously consider this one as your choice.