Enjoy This Dessert

Pudding is a popular dessert in Western cuisine, which refers to food products made of paste-like ingredients that solidify into a solid form. There are various types of pudding, such as bread pudding, and Yorkshire pudding, that is commonly prepared through baking, steaming, or boiling.

In a narrower sense, pudding refers to a semi-solidified frozen dessert with egg and milk yolk as the main ingredients, similar to jelly. In England, the word "pudding" can be used to refer to any dessert.

Pudding is a traditional British food. In the 16th century, the pudding appeared officially and was prepared with gravy, juice, dried fruit, and flour. During the 17th and 18th centuries, puddings were made with eggs, milk, and flour.

Known for its vibrant green color, rich grassy flavor, and countless health benefits, matcha is the green tea powder traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremonies. It helps to increase mental alertness and maintain calmness while promoting a calm, meditative state.

Matcha is great for one's overall health because it is rich in antioxidants, amino acids, and other nutrients that may provide a variety of health benefits, such as enhanced brain function, improved mood, higher energy levels, and an improved immune system.

If you enjoy the tender texture of pudding and the light flavor of matcha, you might want to try making matcha pudding with the following ingredients:

Egg yolk 2

Egg white 1

Caster sugar 45g

Fresh milk 250g

Matcha powder 6g

Here are the steps to make matcha pudding:

1. Preheat the oven to 150 degrees Celsius and fill a baking dish with water to half of the baking dish.

2. Mix matcha powder with milk and heat until warm.

3. Beat sugar with egg yolks until combined.

4. Add the warm matcha milk mixture to the egg yolk mixture and quickly whisk together.

5. Sift the pudding mixture two to three times.

6. Pour the mixture into pudding cups and bake in the oven at 140 degrees Celsius for one hour. If the pudding cups are still liquid when shaken, increase the temperature to 150 degrees Celsius for 10-20 minutes.

7. Chill the pudding, then make a circle on the wall of the cup for easy pouring.

8. Serve with matcha drizzle, which can be made by mixing about 1 tsp of matcha powder with 2 tbsp of whipped cream.

Some notes to consider while making matcha pudding:

1. Do not add matcha powder to fresh milk in one go, as it may clump. It is recommended to add a small amount of hot water before adding the milk.

2. The matcha liquid should be sieved to make it fine, and the sieve should be denser.

3. If the temperature is too low when mixing the giardiniera solution and matcha liquid, it may clump together.

4. Mix the matcha solution and light cream before the matcha solution cools down, to prevent layering.